Who Are We?

CareCliq is a Northern California based non-profit organization, focused on bridging needs to resources during emergencies through the utilization of technology and the development of communities to be more informed. Being in the epicenter of emergencies - the California Wildfires, we sprouted to life and action due to our own necessity to have resources at hand. The Problem: During an emergency, most households generally know how to react in a time of need. Their emergency resources cover the basics such as supplies and shelter for the "human only" household.

The truth is most homes own pets, multiple pets, or at times have a backyard chicken coop. Animals end up lost, or left behind, not due to neglect, but simply due to lack of preparation, as coordinating the gathering of pets/animals/livestock can take many people.  

When an emergency strikes, the displacement of their pet/loved ones compounds stress in victims, in addition to strains in emergency responders who are working reactively to address options. Our mission is to curate available resources for all needs of neighborhoods, both public and private sectors, also to make those resources accessible to disaster victims through our web database/directory. In addition we're advocating and creating preparation services, which enable high risk areas to coordinate preparation efforts through their local communities. It's our goal that our system and the programs we develop support all emergencies in the future nationwide.  

 Our system today provides the following:

  • A list of private donors and volunteers who provide supplies, shelter, and evacuation support for disaster victims and their animals
  • An evacuation plan complete with an immediate list of resources to call during a crisis
  • Lost and found animal postings
  • Listings of active needs from victims and evacuees
  • An easy search to find resources or needs in your area.  


Sponsors & Donors

Connection & Preparation Advocacy

As the core part of our mission, we enable stronger local networks to better handle emergencies. Knowing your neighbors, who to call, and having a prepared checklist is so vital for safety. Through our system and future plans, we also intend to connect organizations who are part of relief efforts who need a system that allows for them to organize their efforts. With an organized database, we can better streamline how we execute our efforts TOGETHER. We've seen first-hand how there is an imbalance of resources to needs from agency to agency.

For example Agency 1 may have a lot of transport services and Agency 2 is lacking it. These two relief agencies don't always have coordination of how they can even help each other.

Our system today extends even to creating a matching process for found or displaced pets around an evacuation area.

Our goal is building, as best as possible, a one stop solution for Emergency Relief Support that's powered by communities.

Additional Plans

We kick-started our efforts in 2019 and in the wake of the 2021 fires we took the plunge to pause our operations efforts and dive in to create this system. Definitely as we saw that it was also for our own survival in these disasters, specifically one evacuation touching home.

As we executed our system, the community responded with open arms welcoming the idea of a single and simple database to search and connect with resources.

In the course of this outreach, we've come to realize there's so many more gaps in emergency relief efforts. Listed are some of our current and ongoing initiatives to increase the impact for change.

  1. The mobile app version for push notifications and real time alerts.
  2. A safe, secure, convenient communication system specific to Emergency Planning. Our future organized messenger system will be designed to be secure, organized, and separated from your personal phone messages making it easier to keep track of emergency relief messages.
  3. Emergency Alerts when someone you've connected with in your community is in crisis or when disaster strikes in your area.
  4. Real-time, in-network alert and auto recommendation of support resources nearby ready to help.
  5. Real time, in-network alerts of lost/found animals
  6. Live care people to help direct resources to members and victims. In our short time, we've seen grief freeze people's awareness and initiatives to help or ask for help when they need it.
  7. Community organized evacuation plans.

We are a private organization and we're passionate about our efforts to expand our life changing, and game changing technology platform dedicated to saving lives, homes, and providing relief aids to those and their loved ones in need. We are limited in our resources and while we will maintain the site to be running, to continue our plans which require engineering and customer service support, we seek donors or sponsors to continue our roadmap for our system and program improvements.

We genuinely believe that what we're building is already making a difference in touching lives and making a difference in supporting relief efforts nationwide.

If you or your organization is interested in partnering with us in aiding relief efforts for emergencies, please reach out to discuss sponsorships or donations at or send donations using the options below. We thank you in advance for your support.

Yours Truly,

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