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Know who to contact during an emergency.

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CareCliq allows you to easily and quickly find emergency and evacuation resources

Features include:

  • Connect with livestock and large animal transportation volunteers

  • Connect with shelter locations for people and animals

  • Connect with volunteer packers / movers
  • Supplies available in your area (water, food, blankets, etc)

  • Lost animal alerts
  • Alert users of nearby hazards



Resources Available During a Disaster

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Create Your First Care Post!

It is common to plan what to do with your family in an emergency, but what about your animals? And what if you're not home when a disaster strikes?


Access to Help

We are here to help before disaster strikes, so you can be equipped with a plan to save your whole family, including your pets or farm friends. To learn more about the epidemic that California has been facing, we have collected a few video clips.

WARNING: Sensitive content. These videos depict high-stress situations with animals in life-threatening scenarios.

What we're here to prevent...

Preparation before times of emergency is the best way to safeguard your family and property.

CareCliq aims to empower individuals with tools to connect with local resources proactively and in times of emergency. While most other resources for emergency relief are only available after disaster has struck, CareCliq is always available to all.

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