We were taught with prepping with fire drills... But that's gone away...why?

These fire drills should be for the rest of our life. Especially if you live in a high risk fire zone. Like many, we watch the fire alerts religiously. Been through mostly the watch and wait phases, and one true evacuation. I feel blessed that we have been spared through and through. And each time I come to realize something I need to add to my PREPARATION list. Honestly, its still not enough.

Evacuating the Farm House means that we have enough carriers for cats. Enough cages for chickens - I have over xxx number of chickens, (private number) but I'll need more than 30 cages let's put it that way! I have 4 horses. I have 4 dogs. This equation is a multi-trip, multi vehicle evacuation.

So we have evacuation 90 %down... but where do we go? You're talking now a mobile FARM staying somewhere? I am fortunate to have a couple of friends with properties, but I realize, I haven't asked or coordinated this at the level I should've. Finally this year, I coordinated 3 "go to" shelters for me and my menagerie.


3 of them are also in firezones. I was thinking I probably should increase my "go to" places.
So based on rattling these dilemmas through my brain, we felt compelled to build this site to provide the community options. Large disasters can take a toll on cities and deplete resources - lodging, housing especially! So where do people go when hotels are booked?


For these reasons we created CareCliq . CareCliq brings us together with those close to us, who are willing to lend a hand. Who's available to help with what - that transparency is so vital!

This system was obviously developed because of FIRES. But our goal is to extend our capacity to other emergency situation that communities can contribute to. There are more of us who have some resources to offer and there must be someone who will need that help.  Please join us in coming together to be more prepared and to be more transparent. In numbers we can prepare, pool our resources, and get to safety! Let's CARE AND PREPARE!

- Our Story -

With CareCliq

you don't have

to face it alone.