"Know Thy Neighbors Before An Emergency"

Finding Resources

Whether it’s a fire, hurricane, tornado, or earthquake, it’s important to be prepared. We never want to be over fearful of catastrophe, but it helps to have a community aware of the damages that these events can cause and how to survive them together. Getting prepared can be disorganized and daunting if you don’t have a system. We all have busy lives and are hindered by responsibilities, then when disaster strikes we find ourselves wondering where to turn or which resources we need.

You may be a person familiar with their community and have the ability to ask for help, but you’d be surprised at how many people have never met their neighbors. What do you do when you have pets, livestock, disabled family members, precious belongings, etc. that you can’t get out of a disaster zone fast enough? What resources would you need? It’s not hard to ask for help when you consider the risk you are putting you and your loved ones in by not reaching out to your community.

Take the First Step - Know Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors and asking for help is a big step to develop a network of community resources, and if that's daunting, prepare something to give back, so you don't feel so bad. The true reality is, they'll be so grateful you've reached out. Consider that this is something that's been looming in their mind equally!

Neighbors are an amazing resource because of one BIG factor, they are close by! They want to get out of there just as much as you do, but they also care so much about the neighborhood they have helped to establish. They will respond much faster than most First Responders!

How To Prepare

Evacuations can be a scramble, even if you think you’ve thought of everything! Having a community full of neighbors that have listed their resources on a community forum and offered support where needed can be vital in a crisis.You’ll want to have your own supplies and a checklist, including a plan that involves your family and community support.

💡 TIP: BE READY! Usually neighbors and bystanders are first on the scene. Firefighters and First Responders can take hours to get to you in an emergency, so ensure that you have everything you’ll need at the ready to help with getting assistance out of a disaster zone.

Think about these key factors:

  • Where will you and your neighbors go for shelter?
  • Where will your animals go for shelter?
  • What will be essential to survive for at least 1 week?
  • Who will you call first for support?
  • What vehicle will you use to evacuate or who’s vehicle could you borrow?
  • What supplies do you anticipate running out of?

Prepare With CareCliq!

Going door to door, though effective, would take some time and effort. What if there were a way to have an on-demand network of your community members working to support each other? CareCliq is an easy way to connect with a quick support system with just a click to! Post what you need from your community and what you have to give back, build a CARE LIST and add to it when a neighbor agrees to be there for you in need. Reach out to your community in a whole new way!